( 1919-1995 ) 76 yrs

The world has always been in need of prophets, Divine messengers, saints and sages for the uplift of mankind and acquiring Divine peace to extinguish the fire of lust, avarice, wrath and vanity from human hearts. Since the creation of this universe, great and holy persons have been coming to this world from time to time for putting the bewildered humanity on the right path. They themselves sing spiritual hymns and meditate on the Divine Name and inspire others to do the same. Sri Guru Ram Dass Ji said in Vadhans Ki Var Mahala 4, Paori (Guru Granth Sahib, page 591) :

Gurmukh Prahlad Jap Har Gat Pai
Gurmukh Janak Har Naam Liv Lai
Gurmukh Basist Har Updesh Sunai
Bin Gur Har Naam Na Kinhi Paya Mere Bhai
Gurmukh Har Bhagat Har Aap Lahai

God Conscious Prahlad realized the Divine within through meditation on the Divine Name.
God Conscious Janak intuned himself with the Divine Name.
God Conscious Vashist himself meditated on the Divine Name and showed others the path of realization.
No one can intune oneself with the Divine Name without His blessings.
The devoted searcher after truth became God conscious only through his blessings.

In spiritualism, India has attained a very high status and this country is known as the land of great saints and sages (Gurus and Rishi Munis). Besides Lord Rama, Krishna, Vashist, Prahlad and Budha, many great saints like Bhagat Kabir, Namdev, Ravidaas and Baba Farid, have blessed this land in the recent past. The ten Gurus (from Guru Nanak Dev Ji to Guru Gobind Singh Ji) have created a spiritual revolution through which even the down-trodden have been inspired to attain the Divine Realization. Very recently, the Almighty sent a great saint, Sri Maharaj Pritam Singh Ji, who performed intense meditation on the Divine Name and spread the message of Guru Nanak for establishing permanent peace in the world.

Saadh Ki Mehma Bed Na Janeh.
Jeta Suneh Teta Bakhianeh.
Saadh Ki Upma Teh Gunh Te Door.
Saadh Ki Upma Rahi Bharpoor.
Saadh Ki Sobha Ka Nahi Ant.
Saadh Ki Sobha Sada Beant.
Saadh Ki Sobha Ooch Te Oochi.
Saadh Ki Sobha Mooch Te Moochi.
Saadh Ki Sobha Saadh Ban Aaee.
Nanak Saadh Prabh Bhed na Bhai
(Sukhmani Sahib ji, Page 272)

( swD kI mihmw byd n jwnih !!
jyqw sunih qyqw biKAwnih !!

swD kI aupmw iqhu gux qy dUir !!
swD kI aupmw rhI BrpUir !!
swD kI soBw kw nwhI AMq !!
swD kI soBw sdw byAq !!

swD kI soBw aUc qy aUcI !!
swD kI soBw mUc qy mUcI !!
swD kI soBw swD bin AweI !!
nwnk swD pRB n BweI !!8!!7!!)

It is as difficult and beyond imagination to express, narrate and write the spiritual spheres and virtues of great saints, as to capture the ocean in a bowl. The latter might be done through the advanced scientific technology some day, but the spiritual sphere of the great saints can never be brought under any limit or imagination. However, a humble attempt has been made to write in brief the life history of Sant Pritam Singh Ji Maharaj.