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It was in the early morning hours of the Twentyfour of MAAGH WADI 2  month in the year 1919 at about early morning  (JANUARY 24th 1919) that Divine light in its purest glory dawned on this earth in a small village Sarghoda, west pakisthan, District Punjab.There was an unusual glow, a unique lustre on the face of the new born child and the flash of this unusual glow had lit up the Comparatively dark room. Two attendant ladies were wonderstruck with this unique phenomenon and were the first chosen ones to be blessed with the darshans of the divine manifestation. They warmly Congratulated the highly pious and blessed parents of the child and told them about the rare Divine-Light they had witnessed. The name of the blessed father was Sardar Jiwan Singh Ji Bajaj  and that of the proud mother Bibi Koshliya Devi.Light Supernal had gloriously flashed to welcome the most auspicious birth of this holy child. Little did anyone realise at that time that blessed was the day in the annals of human and spiritual history and unique was the house, the village and the land where this unknown Divinity had set his sacred feet. The universe was blessed with the very source of blessedness in a human form.It was on this auspicious day that a king amongst sages and the Supreme Messenger of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib and Sri Guru Granth Sahib descended on the face of this earth. Whichever place he visited, he flooded it with a tidal wave of divinity, a tidal wave of the divine fragrance of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Today, the same child is adored and worshipped by millions all over the globe as: