Information About Neeldhari

Neeldhari (Or The Wearer Of Blue Turban) Is A Term Used To Describe The Sikhs That Wear The Traditional Sikh Free Flowing Turban Called Chakuta In Blue colour. The Sikhs Who Wear The Blue Turban Also Wear A Blue Kamarkassa. The Neeldhari Sikhs Strongly Believe In Only One Living Guru, The GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI, Based On The Scriptures of the Living Guru there is a Firm Believe In The Role That Sants Play On Our Daily Life. The leading Most Prominent Saint of Recent Times Was Sant Maharaj Kile Wale Ji. who Dedicated His Life To The Simran Of Wahe Guru..
Order For
Neela Banna Was Given By Hisholiness Garib Niwaz Sant Maharaj Kile Wale ji On  Oct 1966. That  All
Sangat who are the follwer Neeldhari Sant  They Must  Have To Wear Neela Kammarkassa And Neela Chakuta(turban) And Has To Follow Sum Restirtion (Maryada)..

The Blue Colur signifies the believe in Peace and Non-Violence. The Chakuta (head dress)signifies a Child asking forgiveness from his Father, the Almighty Lord"